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Anne Apparu

Hi, how are you? I am Anne Apparu. I cook for life.I am an avid guerilla gardener. And have a reputation as a community builder and a home maker. I am dedicated to supporting sustainable ways in my locality. Blessings on your way.


summer 2013 hostess mama at ps1 colony, the source restaurant reanactment ny & l.a., 4th season as farm to yoga magical chef on growing heart farm, chef with shore soup kitchen, love bomb seed bomb, personal chef for people with food allergies and caterer to many celebrations, luncheons and kraft. 2011 & 2013 festival of ideas. 2011 there are no recipes. 2011 malou’s after surf fish couscous. 2009 lunch box chelsea. 2007 beatrice alphabet sunday restaurant. 2007 meeting of the minds bbq at sweet and vicious. 2008 red gypsy at fort green market. 2007-2010 the 18th restaurant. 2007-2009 the heat and the coven. 2006 & 2007 chop shop. 2005-2006 lumieres a manger. and many collaborations with creative friends and my mom martine abitbol, my sister agathe snow, my brothers alexandre apparu and cody simons.