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Prana Energy Plant Yoga with Linnea

Prana Energy Plant Yoga

Come commune with the life force of all living beings! Feel your prana flowing through your body and experience the prana of plants. In this yoga session Linnea will guide you through meditation and movement to the sounds of a sonified, singing plant.  Plants outfitted with sensors are essentially antennae that express the energy shifts in their environment. These changes are turned into music as they are filtered through synthesizers. As your practice evolves from a mindful vinyasa into a soothing restorative practice and then into pure meditation you’ll be able to hear what your practice sounds like! Expect to generate heat in the first hour and then in the last 20 minutes bliss out into a deeper and sweeter level of surrender. This class is an open level class that is appropriate for all levels of movers. Come with clothes to move in and an open heart. <3

Linnea has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and is honored to be able to share its gifts of transformation with others. She received her yoga teacher certification at Kripalu Yoga Center in 2010 and has been teaching since. Linnea creates a fun and loving space for practitioners to explore and deepen their yoga practice. Her classes integrate a strong foundation of alignment with a balance of heat-building vinyasa to challenge the body and silence to still the mind. In 2014 she complete the Bridge Program at Ishta yoga, studying under Alan Finger. In 2010 Linnea received a reiki level one attunement and this healing energy enhances her yoga instruction. As well as being involved with yoga and reiki, Linnea is a visual artist and musician. Linnea’s relationship to her body as a rhythmic and tonal instrument helps her create interesting, dynamic, and fun yoga flows. She works at Dou Yoga and Daya Yoga in Brooklyn as well as teaching private and corporate clients around the New York City area.