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Breathwork Healing with Luke Simon

Luke Simon shares tools to connect to the heart. His Breathwork groups, Reiki healing sessions and Tarot readings all help to open you up to the essence inside you. Luke is a founding member of Maha Rose Center for Healing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If there is physical or mental dis-ease our body is trying to get our attention to change something that isn’t aligned with your truth. It’s a mystical and magical journey inside– grab your magic carpet and let’s ride to a whole new world! We can choose to evolve, go into the cocoon of inquiry and come out a butterfly. If we resist it, change will happen eventually, just with less grace. Ease is our nature, this work helps us find it. As we change our self, we change the world, it’s a ripple of Love.

visit his site at future-saints.com
and maharose.com