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Trailer Talk is a live performance, a community event and a broadcast. Sabrina Artel drives her vintage camper to Main Streets, festivals and events. People step inside, and she welcomes them with homemade brownies and sit down to talk over the kitchen table. It’s goal is to bring attention to important issues where least expected, on the streets and in people’s neighborhoods. At Trailer Talk events, the kitchen table represents the democratic tradition of public dialogue that values the coming together of diverse and often opposing voices to create common ground and inspire social change.

Modern Primitive Exchange (MPEX) is a forum to sort out what of the Modern and what of the Primitive are useful for living in the End Times. The project fosters skills of self-reliance in the (post) modern world and encourages ecological thinking.  The project has multiple channels: workshops and events; a documentary series; participatory artist projects; and an open-source forum that includes a blog, competitions, essays and exhibitions.  MPEX is part of The Canary Project, an artist-run organization that produces art and media that deepen public understanding of climate change.