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Angora Rabbits at the Makers & Farmers Market – Ambika Conroy

Based in upstate New York, Ambika Conroy works with local fiber growers, solar and wind powered mini-mills and artisans to create sustainable yet design conscious garments.

Artisans are hired per project to hand spin, harvest wild plants to naturally dye and crochet mostly from their home environment, which allows them to work in a low-stress environment. The animals, whose fiber is shorn multiple times each year, are raised humanely on farms that use rotational grazing and other sustainable practices.

Ambika strives to use the least amount of the earth’s natural resources in the fiber to fashion process by keeping things local and hand made and is constantly seeking new ways to uplift the industry.

Watch angora bunnies and learn about Ambika’s products at our makers & farmers market this year!