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Mask Making

Nanse Kawashima grew up in El Salvador, Jamaica, Hawaii and Japan–environments which have afforded her a broad perspective and resources in developing her style and aesthetic. She earned design degrees in Tokyo and New York in Visual Design and Accessories Design.

Since moving to New York City in 2000, Nanse has worked for various global fashion brands. In 2009, she left her job as head designer at LeSportsac to actively branch out into other creative fields. Her work can be found in the form of art installations, curated objects, fashion and framed artwork. She has worked on installations for the Alexander Wang flagship store, masks for Depeche Mode’s music video and many other projects.

Nanse will help you channel the natural spirits of the Catskills–ocean, mountain, air, shaman or space cadet–and manifest it in a mask of your own creation. Snap a photo with the surreal backdrop after you finish your mask before you head to the Hollywood Babylon Ball!

Nanse Kawashima