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Piñata Party

The artist-design firm CONFETTI SYSTEM (Julie Ho & Nick Andersen) works in a multivalent environment that resists simple categorization by discipline. The firm creates set designs, objects, and interactive installations for a range of partners including corporate clients, musicians and art institutions. Comfortable in an advertising campaign, on a concert stage or in a gallery, their work can be regarded as sculpture, design, and product—a confluence that is unconcerned with differences of commercial enterprise and nonprofit, the varying demands of function and aesthetics, and distinctions between consumer and connoisseur.

Confetti System’s practice explores the transformation of energy within a space through installation. It is a combination of their combined cross cultural memory, drawing inspiration from rich sensorial experiences within temples, clubs, and other places of healing.  For The Last Weekend, they will be creating the ultimate piñata party before the Hollywood Babylon Ball to celebrate their love of Virgos and the end of the summer.

Confetti System