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Shelley Burgon : Rowan

SHELLEY BURGON is a harpist and electronic musician living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is generated from the sound of the harp, either as a traditional acoustic instrument in a chamber setting or as the primary sound source for her electronic music. She performs with the chamber ensemble Ne(x)tworks and solo under the name ROWAN. Shelley has recorded and performed with various artists and musicians including BJORK, MERCE CUNNINGHAM, ANTHONY BRAXTON, and the band STARS LIKE FLEAS. Her sound chandeliers have been exhibited in the exhibition DEAD OF WINTER (2011) at SPLATTERPOOL GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY, and her most recent work, LUNAR MARIA: SINUS & PALUDES, was shown during Armory Week 2012 at the SPRING BREAK ART FAIR, NYC.