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Sing-a-Long Brunch

SAMEER KAPOOR is an artist and musician currently living and working in New York. Discovered on a cruise ship by a talent scout, he has gone on to delight audiences worldwide with both his DAZZLING STEP DANCING AND HIS LIFE-AFFIRMING SPEAKING TOURS. His album “HOLIDAY CLASSICS” (co-produced by the legendary DANTONIO MATHILE) has been at the top of the charts at thrift stores around the world and just went triple-cobalt in Turkmenistan. His new musical “MEET ME IN ZUCCOTTI PARK” is currently in production and is expected to debut sometime in late 2013.

The sing-along has long been a classic activity associated with the great outdoors: a way to forge a cohesive group dynamic and sense of camaraderie in the face of the alienating properties of a stark and brutal wilderness. Utilized by both church groups and the occult, the power of group singing cannot be underestimated to inspire and uplift those who participate. Sameer Kapoor will lead a special sing-along where ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS INVITED TO SING SONGS from the popular songbook. Expect hit songs from classic rock, new wave, and today’s current crop of one-hit wonders. Have a special request? Submit your requests in advance to INDIANIDOL@GMAIL.COM