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Suzan Polat

SUZAN POLAT is a performer/choreographer, currently based in New York. She has participated in projects and workshops by ORI FLOMIN, CLAUDE WAMPLER, BETTINA HOFFMAN, JULYEN HAMILTON, YANAEL PLUMET, MARTEN SPANBERG, JERAMY ZIMMERMAN among many others. In 2010, she was a selected participant in the choreographic research project, THE ADVENTURE (2010), at the DANSPACE PROJECT, curated and led by TRAJAL HARRELL. In the summer of 2011, she was a danceWEB scholarship recipient at the IMPULSTANz VIENNA INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL. From 2010 onwards, she has been collaborating with the video artist VOLKAN ERGEN and the sound artist BURCIN ELMAS. Her work has been shown during the 11TH ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL by Parlor X and THE ELGIZMUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. Most recently, she presented a new solo at the TANK NYC.