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Three Sisters: Indian Tacos

The Jewels of New York is a multidisciplinary creative studio led by Diana Yen that combines the love of cooking with the beauty of everyday things. Her food consultation studio emphasizes seasonality and brings the warmth found in home cooking to clients such as MARTHA STEWART, FOOD & WINE, BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, KINFOLK, WEST ELM AND MAC COSMETICS.

For The Last Weekend, the program will allow people to experience the traditional Native American diet based on the “Three Sisters”–maize (corn), beans and squash. The “Three Sisters” form a holy trinity of cooperative growth: beans coil up the tall stalks of the maize, while the squash spread out at the base and provide protection and support for the root systems.

Enjoy samples of delicious Indian Tacos accompanied by a beverage inspired by the ritual “BLACK DRINK” to be consumed from whelk seashells for purification.

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The Jewels of New York